A Complete Guide to Airport Transportation

You've booked your flight, your hotel and all your activities, but how are you going to get there? There's a lot of options for airport transportation, and they can vary depending on which airport you're flying to and from, but this short guide will give you an understanding of what's available and help you decide what's right for you.

Your first instinct might be to drive. You can set your own schedule, don't have to share the ride with anyone else, and it seems like the cheaper option. But once you factor in costly airport parking, driving yourself can lose its appeal. Airports in Australia often make more than 10% or their revenue from car parking charges. That all adds up, and if budget is your main concern then parking your car at the airport may not be the smart choice.

Many airports have a shuttle bus, driving along set routes and taking passengers straight to their terminal. This can be a cheaper option than driving yourself or taking a taxi, but it does mean you'll be sharing the vehicle with other passengers. This can mean having to wait longer while the airport shuttle picks up and drops off. Even so, choose a high-quality airport shuttle can be a comfortable and relaxing journey. You may need to work around the schedule of the shuttle and it may not be able to pick you up or drop you off at home, which can mean getting your luggage to an agreed stop.

Taxi transportation to the airport is convenient. Quick and based on your own schedule, with no worries about parking or having to get to a bus stop, a taxi can be the easiest way to get to your flight on time. It can also be an expensive option depending on how far you live from the airport.

Some airports may have public transport links, such as regular bus routes or even train stations conveniently located near your terminal. Obviously, this will vary depending on the airport and of course the time of arrival or departure. These are often the most budget-friendly options when getting to the airport, but as with shuttles, you could be travelling in a crowded vehicle and will need to make sure there is somewhere for your luggage during the journey. 

Choosing the right way to get to the airport can be the difference between a relaxing start to your trip or a more stressful traveling experience, so make sure to research what your options are in your area and choose the one that matches your priorities. To learn more about your options, contact services such as Silver Top Taxis.