3 Mishap-Preventing Essentials to Pack on Your Buck's Night Bar Crawl Bus

If you're hiring a party bus for a buck's night bar crawl, don't forget about Murphy's law: anything that can go wrong will go wrong. If you want to avoid the minor disasters that can put a damper on your night, you should pack a few mishap-preventing essentials on the bus before you leave. Beyond the obvious choices like a first aid kit and emergency cash, here are 3 items to take with you.

A Playlist to Prevent Entertainment Mishaps

One of the best features of a party bus is the onboard sound system which keeps the buck's night buzz going between bars. Many bachelors rely on the party bus company or a local radio station to provide the music selection, but what happens if you don't like the tunes you're given? The party can quickly get awkward if the bus company's put together a playlist of top 50 hits but you and your friends prefer hip hop or EDM. If you have unique taste, packing a music-playing device that you can hook up to the sound system via Bluetooth will save you from an in-transit entertainment disaster.

Bottled Water to Prevent Hangover Mishaps

When it comes to planning a buck's night bar crawl, many guys only think about bringing one drink onto the party bus—alcohol. While alcohol is an essential on many buck's nights, it's not the only beverage you should have on board unless you want one of the worst hangovers of your life the next day. One of the biggest factors that makes hangovers so bad is dehydration, so it's a good idea to pack plenty of bottled water to drink between bars and on the way home.

A Phone Charger to Prevent Worried Fiancée Mishaps

Is your bride-to-be prone to worrying? If so, you need to make sure you have a way to get in touch with her on your buck's night. If not, you could be dealing with a very angry fiancée in the lead up to your wedding day. Taking your phone with you is, of course, the best way to keep in contact with your partner, but texting and calling likely isn't the only thing you'll be using your phone for on the night. All the photos and videos you'll be snapping of your friends can quickly drain your battery, leaving your phone dead when your future wife tries to call. Thankfully, most party buses have a power outlet or two available for your use. Make sure your pack a phone charger to keep your battery powered up through the night.

To learn more about your options, contact services that provide buck's party bus hire.