Making Your Road Transport Company Environmentally Friendly: 3 Steps

Climate change and environmentalism are now impacting every area of life. When delivering good using road transport, it can be difficult to make sure that your business is operating in an environmentally friendly way. While transporting goods by road in an environmentally friendly way is difficult, it isn't impossible. Below is a guide to 3 steps you can take to make your road transport business more environmentally friendly.

Ask your drivers to change their driving style

If your transport business relies on trucks and other large vehicles, the first step you should take towards being environmentally friendly should be to educate your drivers. There are a number of actions your drivers can adopt to reduce their impact on the earth. For example, you could ask your drivers to plan the most efficient routes to their objectives, which avoid then having to stop and wait in lines of traffic with their engines running. You could also ask them to avoid exceeding the speed limit, as this will improve their fuel efficiency and help to reduce the volume of harmful emissions produced by their vehicle. Not only will these steps help to reduce damage to the environment, but they will also help to cut your fuel bill so you can save money.

Review your maintenance schedule

If your road transport trucks are not properly maintained, they will pose more of a risk to the environment. For example, if you do not ensure that the spark plugs or air filters are periodically changed on the vehicles you operate, you may find that each truck begins to consume increasing amounts of fuel. You should also ensure that your mechanics are also checking the tyre pressures on a regular basis, as an over or under inflated tyre will also result in increased fuel consumption. You should also ask your mechanics to assess the weight of each truck and to remove any unnecessary gear. Doing so will lighten the truck and make it more fuel efficient.

Invest in new vehicles

The above steps can only do so much to improve your road transport vehicles environmental footprint. If you are serious about making your road transport company as green as it can be, you should consider investing in a new fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles. Trucks which are powered using a diesel/electric hybrid engine will help to cut your fuel cost and may even make your company eligible for a green energy tax break.

If you would like further information, you should contact a transport specialist today.