4 important reasons to use a taxi instead of a ride-sharing service

With the rise of the number of ride-sharing services, many people are starting to explore different options for personal transportation. But are ride-sharing services really worth it? Keep reading for a discussion of some reasons that you should use a taxi instead of a ride-sharing service. 


Each car which operates as a taxi is subject to strict annual car inspections. Ride-share cars are not subject to the same restrictions, so you may not be in a car that is as safe, which can be a worry for some passengers. Additionally, in order to get a taxi license, drivers need to show that they are experienced and need to pass background checks. On the other hand, ride-share drivers just need to have a registered car and complete some basic internal checks to drive. 


Most ride-sharing services operate on a 'surge' pricing basis where it is most expensive during the time that you most need the transport! On the other hand, taxis is a constant pricing structure so that you can go out and know exactly how much money you need to get home and bring that with you. That can be a great feature for parents who are looking to give their children the necessary money to get home. 

Ability to pay with cash

Most ride-sharing services operate from a phone app, which is handy if your phone is working, but if you run out of a charge or phone credit, you can find yourself unable to access their services. Being able to hail down a taxi through their easily identifiable lights and markings and pay in cash can be a great advantage when you are out and about.


When you ride with a ride-sharing service the data on where you are going is stored in the app and in the database of the company that you are using. This can be an issue for people who prefer to remain anonymous and want to keep their ride data out of the computing systems. As all taxi transactions are in cash, you can hire and use taxis anonymously without any electronic record of your routes. 

As you can see that there is a range of very good reasons for some customers to use taxis rather ride-share apps. They offer extra privacy, flexibility in payments options and certainty in pricing in those times when you are most needing a ride.