What to Ask When Choosing a Luxury Car Hire or Limo Service

A luxury car hire or specialty limo can be a great choice for a wedding or any other special event, for when you want to impress a special client or customer or for treating yourself to a relaxing night on the town without worrying about driving. When you are considering hiring a luxury car or limo, note a few questions to ask so you know you get the right vehicle and also know what's involved with the hire itself.

Ask if there are any limitations as to the vehicle's use

Some luxury vehicle hiring companies may not allow children of a certain age in the vehicle or for anyone to sit on or even lean on the exterior of the vehicle. They may also not allow eating or smoking inside the vehicle. Since many luxury vehicles are very expensive to repair, they may put these restrictions and limitations in place to preserve the interior upholstery and carpeting or the exterior body.

If you're thinking of including a luxury vehicle in wedding photos or want to bring your family along for a trip, be sure you ask about these limitations before you make your rental decision. Specialty limos can also be so long or so tall that they don't fit in standard parking lots, or may not be allowed on certain smaller roads; never assume you can take a limo to just any location, but always go over your itinerary with the rental company and stick to that schedule.

Ask about how it drives

If you're not hiring an actual limousine with a driver, ask if the car is a manual transmission, which side the steering wheel is on and if there is anything else about the car you should know before hiring it. Foreign cars may not offer a steering wheel on the side to which you're accustomed, and a manual transmission with a lot of gears may be very challenging. In some cases, it can be good to switch to a car model that is easier for you to drive and control overall.

Ask if specialty features are included

Don't assume that a limousine will have a full bar and TV onboard or that a luxury car will have GPS, Wi-Fi and other such features you may take for granted. If you need GPS for your business trip or will want to check emails while in the back of a limo, always ask about these additional features before making your rental decision.