Fly To That Special Wedding By Charter

The wedding of a special family member is always an important occasion. Quite often you need to travel interstate, along with family and friends, to attend the celebration. Air travel is naturally the easiest solution, but have you considered an air charter? Charter flights are becoming more popular, not only for business, sporting groups and mining personnel, but for a growing number of families and individuals wanting more flexibility and convenience than a standard airline can offer.

So, what can you expect when choosing a charter flight service and what information do you need? This handy overview will provide an idea of the many advantages you will experience with this increasingly sought-after means of travel.


The flying experience with a major carrier is becoming increasingly tedious. Apart from the often erratic schedule changes due to flight delays, other frustrations include:

  • waiting in long queues to check in because of the requirements for increased airline security procedures

  • finding a place to sit at the boarding gate to wait among the crowds of passengers

  • struggling to stow your carry-on luggage when finally making it on board

In complete contrast, a charter flight does away with these inconveniences. Straightforward procedures mean it's simply a matter of going from your car to the aircraft with a minimum of disruption. Your luggage is loaded as you board, and you are off to your destination among family and friends.


You are able to make the decisions about when, where and how you fly.

Free from limited airline schedules you can determine your own agenda and flight departure time. Charters fly to more airport locations around the nation than commercial aircraft, allowing greater flexibility. In fact, almost every major town in regional Australia has its own airport.

Having a say in any additional amenities you desire offers a chance to arrange something special regarding food and refreshment catering, and allows you to enjoy some of your family's particular favourites.


Travelling with chosen companions gives you the time to eat and drink, chat and catch up with all the news.  Or if you wish you can sit back and relax in total comfort, without the dreaded experience of being crammed between two large individuals or placed alongside a crying infant, or the enduring the flight in fear of falling asleep on the stranger in the next seat.

It is entirely your space and you fly in individual comfort.


Many are surprised that by simply dividing the cost of the charter among the number of passengers, it often works out cheaper than a commercial flight. Additionally the true cost of commercial travel is often much more than the price of the ticket when those additional expenses are taken into account. The extras that tend to mount up while waiting at airports including refreshments and other diversions to fill time. There are also taxi fares and car parking to be considered.

Unique Highlights

A charter flight not only offers personal convenience in choosing a particular time to fly, it also provides the rare opportunity to actually choose your own plane. Some of the popular aircraft available for selection are likely to include:

  • A twin engine piston prop aircraft—suited to shorter distances and a small group of passengers.

  • A turbo prop aircraft—ideal for a larger group and can fly longer distances. It has added features for comfort and safety with pressurised cabin and private lavatory.

  • A light jet—the ultimate in charter aircraft for comfort and performance. They are suited to longer trips and provide faster travel.

Now that you know a little more about how charter flights are a superior method of air travel, you can go ahead and book your trip. Why not fly to the wedding in style and comfort with your family and friends?